Saturday, June 27, 2015

Private Classes

I spent the last two afternoons with two sixteen-year-old girls working on different jewelry techniques using recycled materials.  The first afternoon was devoted to filling bottle cap with miniature objects and pouring resin on the top to capture the objects.  

During the second afternoon I showed the girls how to take jewelry apart and put it back together using looped wire and jump rings.  They sorted through piles of junk and broken jewelry to find just the right pieces to work with.  Their homework the night before was to look through the book  Rejuvenated Jewels  by Amy Hanna to get an idea of how one can take pieces from many sources to create a new and unique wearable art.  They also brought along some silver charms from a family member to incorporate in the work.  Both came up with stunning designs.


  1. Lucky Girls, to get tutored by such a talented artist!

  2. So nice to see you, Sue, at the Lavender Festival!