Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sculptural Earrings

I was trying to think of a way to make my earrings more 3D and this idea came to me in the shower (don't you get great ideas with that hot water running?).  What do you think?

Friday, November 18, 2016

Vintage Baking Tin Jewelry

This year I have discovered the wonderful texture of vintage baking tins and I have begun to incorporate this into my jewelry, especially earrings.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Plowshares Craftsfair

Next up for East Street Tins and the holiday season is the 
Syracuse Plowshares Craftsfair.  

This is a new show for me this year, I have been and was impressed by the diversity of vendors.  This will take place at Nottingham High School in Syracuse the first weekend of December.  Come on out for a great show! Here's the link: http://www.peacecouncil.net/plowshares


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Tin Earrings

New tin earrings, kind of a urban tribal design, hot off the bench

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Raw Materials

Between a great flea market today, friends who recycle their tins with me, and a house sale, I am ready to get to work in my studio!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Clothesline Festival #60 and #4

The Clothesline Festival is 60 years old this year!   It will be my fourth time as a vendor. Booth A2.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Clearing the Bench

These charm bracelet pieces have been hanging around for awhile waiting patiently for me to get over the flu so that I could finish them up!