Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Make Shift Classes spring 2014

I will be teaching three more classes at the Schwienfurth this spring in the Makeshift series.  in the first one, we will make canes with polymer clay. Those canes will then be sliced and become earrings and a candle holder.  Participants will need to bring a glass or bottle to be covered. That class is on March 6th from 6-8.

 The second class will be a mosaic class.  Bring a cool object like a fish bowl, an aluminum tract.y or ice bucket to cover.  Bring chards and broken dishes to use.  During the first class on April 3rd we will apply the broken pottery to the object which the participant has brought.  Two weeks later, April 17th,
we will grout the project.  Definitely a great way to recycle broken plates and cups!

Come join the fun and learn new skills!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Found Object Necklace Series

I love the winter in that it gives me some time to experiment and play with collected objects.  I found some little tin tart or candy molds recently and they have become the basis for a new series of found object necklaces.

In the first necklace, I  added a bottle cap to the tin tart dish, a brass flower cut from a hair ornament, tin from a vintage box and brass pull chain.

In the second necklace, I stated with another tin tart dish, added an image of a bird from a vintage tin, 
two small brass flower pieces,  the loose circles from another hair ornament, a super brass button, brass chain and steel links.  

I assembled them into a side closing necklace as opposed to one with the clasp on the back of the neck.

Had to share.  Back to the studio.