Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Plate of Pendants

A new group of pendants 1.75".  The tin is attached to the brass backgrounds with tiny brass rivets.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Photography Evolution

When I first opened my Etsy shop, I photographed my tin jewelry on a piece of wood, hoping that it would make my product stand out.

After talking with a friend, I thought the background might be too rustic and not in keeping with the jewelry so I using a white corrugated box lid, which made the jewelry stand out and added a bit of texture to the background.

I used this for quite awhile.  The white background was easy to color correct for white.  I started to want a change so I introduced some objects into the photos. I started with an aluminum tray liking the metal cold.

I then tried a white china plate in combination with the tray.
I was mindful not to make the background too busy but to add interest to the jewelry. I tried a piece of hardware cloth.

I looked around the house for other objects I could add.  I found a vintage canning jar lid, once again liking the patina, age and color of the lid.

In the last month I have really tried to find other objects around the house to enhance these product shots.  This was a metal milk bottle carrier. 

I thought this ice chipper was such an interesting form it might be great for earrings.

These sticks, which were handles for lobster buoys and found on a Maine beach, have really worked out quite well and added a new dimension to the photos.  I love the patina on them.

The last photo is my ever growing arsenal of objects to use in the photographs. Who knows what I will find tomorrow?