Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Napkin Ring Saga

This is a story not dissimilar to Goldie Locks.  Finding just the right way to make it work takes lots of tries.  I decided I wanted to try making something other than jewelry from tin.  I started with candlesticks, which will be another entry, and then landed on napkin rings.  That didn't sound too hard. So I tried folding over the edge and then wondered how to connect them.

So I thought a rivet might be the answer.

I didn't like the way the edges were so uneven. I tried using different scissors to add detail to the rings and tried using rivets.  This did not go well either.


Then I tried using a wire and rolling the edge around the wire. But the rivets didn't seem to work with this.

So finally I thought wrapping a belt around the middle right be the answer: I could rivet around the center and where the two pieces of metal overlapped.  Yes, this was definitely better.  I made them from a vintage 1950's tin doll house.

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