Thursday, September 4, 2014

Poodle Jewelry Part 2- The Necklace

When we last left the artist she had just completed a poodle bracelet for a client with several sweet poodles.  (See http://www.eaststreetpins.blogspot.com/search/label/poodle%20jewelry). The client's parting words were: "If you ever find more poodle images on tin, let me know."  After a hot morning scouring Madison Bouckville fields for funky tins, what does the artist spy?

You guessed it: POODLE TIN!

So the artist sent the image of the tin to the client and she said, "Go with it...I would like a necklace.  And include some of the other cute images."

First thoughts went something like this:

The client said yes and more images how about from the other sides:

Nine images for the necklace and two for the earrings. The artist went to work and came up with this charming grouping from this fun tin:

The poodle necklace and earrings were delivered this morning and the client immediately put them on!

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