Friday, February 7, 2014

Found Object Necklace Series

I love the winter in that it gives me some time to experiment and play with collected objects.  I found some little tin tart or candy molds recently and they have become the basis for a new series of found object necklaces.

In the first necklace, I  added a bottle cap to the tin tart dish, a brass flower cut from a hair ornament, tin from a vintage box and brass pull chain.

In the second necklace, I stated with another tin tart dish, added an image of a bird from a vintage tin, 
two small brass flower pieces,  the loose circles from another hair ornament, a super brass button, brass chain and steel links.  

I assembled them into a side closing necklace as opposed to one with the clasp on the back of the neck.

Had to share.  Back to the studio.

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