Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A great day at the Madison Boukville Antique Show.  I have never seen so many booths, tents and fields and the main event doesn't even start for days.  My brother and I wandered the fields looking for great finds.  Here are the new tins in my arsenal of supplies:


  1. Can't wait to see what you create out of these. :) Lots of earrings I hope!

  2. Have you ever tried anything incorporating Ceramic Tiles or Linoleum ?? I worked for years as an interior designer and 'rescued' discontinued samples... well, I'm de-hoarding MY STUDIO and I have a LARGE as in ((H*U*G*E)) stash of old Interiors samples that I am finally purging. My main weekness were Ceramic Mosaic Tiles! BOXES & BOXES 1x1 2x2 2x1.. CT, CMT, Terrazzo Tile, Fritz Tiles, with some boxes of mini VCT (vinyl tile) samples, Plastic laminate and Linoleum tile samples thrown in for good measure. I have found homes for some (Montesouri School, local town tile project...)but REALLY don't want to send ANY of it to the landfill!! **NOT TO WORRY, I AM ALLOWING MYSELF TO KEEP one box of FAVORITES!!!**** S~

  3. Oh, I guess I missed my point... Would you like anything to try? Could you use anything? I will deliver the next time I am in your town!!

  4. I have done large ceramic murals in the past, but don't need anything right now. I wish I had a project for you! Maybe I should talk the Schweinfurth into a mosaic project for the spring using pottery and tiles. Thanks for the offer.

    I am looking for samples of aluminum last interior designers use to show clients lighting fixture options. I used some that a friend had and it cut like a dream. If you look at my post from July 29th it is in the fourth photo. They are tiles that are about 3"x4" and come in a variety of finishes and are grays, blacks and whites.

    Thanks Svelte